DALIS on the .Net Micro Framework

For some reason I decided to see if I can get my new DALIS programing language working on the .Net Micro Framework, so I went off and got myself the latest version (4.2) to give it a try. Since the DALIS proof-of-concept was already written in C# I didn't think it would be too hard to port it.

It wasn't a totally trivial excercise, but I thought it's better to try it now rather than do it later when I have implemented lots more features in the DALIS language. The biggest things I had to do was remove any use of Generics and Nullable Types, both of which aren't in the Micro Framework. Apart from that the changes were all minor things. So I've ended up with a single set of source files which can compile in both the full blown .Net Framework and the Micro Framework too. If nothing else, it will force me to write efficient code.

I also had to write some sort of Console Window, so that I could display some output on a screen. If there is some feature for writing text to a console type of output on an LCD screen in the Micro Framework, I didn't find it yet... But I had fun writing my own anyways.

So, here is another example program which shows temperature conversions between Centigrade and Farenheit (running in the emulator, since I haven't got any real hardware for that yet):

DALIS on the .Net Micro Framework

...and here is the DALIS source code that I'm running:

min = 30
max = 220
gap = (max-min) / 17
WRITE "deg F   deg C"+RETURN
LOOP f=min
   WRITE TEXT(f,1)+"    "+TEXT(c,1)+RETURN
REPEAT f=f+gap IF f<(max+1)

Of course, I also tried running my classic ASCII Mandelbrot, but I promised I wouldn't post any more fractals for a while ;-)