Lenovo Windows 7 Upgrade


I bought myself a new PC.  I’m pleased with it, a Lenovo ThinkCentre with a Quad Core processor.  It’s nice and fast and has excellent build quality, the first thing I did when I took it out the box was peek inside the case.


One of the reasons I bought from Lenovo was because they’ll give me a free upgrade to Windows 7.  I tried to avoid Vista completely, but as it turns out I will need to use it for a few weeks.  I can put up with that.  So, when my new machine arrived I filled in Lenovo’s on-line form to request my upgrade.  Part of the process is to prove that I really did buy a Lenovo PC, so I have to send off my proof of purchase (an invoice or a receipt).  I did that, which was easy because it can be done via e-mail.  All good so far.


But that is where things have stalled.  I can check my order on-line and it still says: 'Pending for Proof of Purchase'. I want to know that I will actually get my upgrade! After chasing them up via an e-mail (and it took about 5 days to get a reply) I get this: “Dear David, Please be patient our team needs some more time to check all received POPs. Once your POP is validated you will receive a Confirmation mail. Best regards Jana”.  It’s now been 11 days since I submitted my proof of purchase.  How long will I need to be patient?  Come on Lenovo.

Not my first attempt at blogging, but

Welcome anyway

...to my world.  Yeah OK, I've decided that I should have a blog.  I have been here before, started a blog added about two posts and then given up.  But I also should take down that ancient website that describes what I was doing about 10 years ago.  The best thing that I can think of replacing it with is a blog.  So this time I will just have to knuckle down and do some posting.  Plus, I'm not feeling well today, it's a saturday and so I had just as well take my mind off the pain by installing some blogging software.  Let's see how it goes this time...