Bluetooth Speaker: Minx Go

A while back (probably towards the end of 2012 in fact) I saw one of those Bose SoundLink bluetooth speakers being demonstrated. I was pretty impressed and made a mental note that it would be a cool thing to buy. Since my phone/tablet/laptop all have bluetooth, it makes sense to be able to beam out some nice quality sounds from them. If nothing else, it's a bit like having a hi-fi in every room of your house, you can just carry the speaker round with you.

Anyway, now I've finally decided to get one there seems to be a lot more choice, and there are some cheaper alternatives that still give good sound quality.

So I've bought a Minx Go made by Cambridge Audio. It's quite an impressive thing and has worked with every bluetooth device I've got. It also means that if we're watching BBC iPlayer on my MacBook, then I can enjoy nicer sound quality.

The Minx Go is a bit bigger than the Bose one, but that doesn't matter to me... It was quite a lot cheaper though.

But despite the cheaper price, the sound quality still seems excellent as evidenced by the review in What Hi-Fi found here where it receives top marks. It especially gives nice bass for a relatively small unit I reckon.

Of course, other bluetooth speakers are available, but I have to say I'm quite happy with my choice.