Brand new Z88

I've become quite attached to my second-hand Cambridge Z88, too many memories of writing BBC Basic programs at school I guess.  When I found out that you can still get them *brand new* I was surprised.  So I bought one!  It arrived today boxed up with the user manual in the original shrink wrap.

I can certainly recommend the supplier: rakewell.  I ordered it on Friday and the machine arrived on Monday, plus I had a nice chat with their man Vic in the process.  I am continuing to write my own transfer software, it's now at the point where I can reliably back up my Basic programs from the Z88 to my Windows 7 based machines.  Plus I can restore them back to the Z88 as well.  When on the PC, the files load happily into BBC Basic for Windows, even the free trial version.  So I can write programs on my Windows machine, save them and then transfer them to the Z88.  For the PC, I have written a console application in C# that can send and receive in the same format.

I will post the instructions and source code at some point, in case it helps anybody else.  Although it has occurred to me that I'm the only person wanting to back up a Z88 to a Windows 7 machine...