Essential Travel Items

We've recently enjoyed a fantastic holiday in Fuerteventura (near the resort of Jandia). A brilliant place to relax, and it's on a 30km stretch of beautiful sandy beach. The weather was fantastic too (it's often a bit breezy on Fuerteventura but we don't mind that).

The view from our balcony was quite nice too:

When travelling, I carry a bag to keep my Camera, Kindle, Tablet, etc... in, but it greatly amuses my wife that I also carry: graph paper, a variety of pens, a ruler, and a protractor. I view this as entirely sensible, since at any moment I may decide I need to draw some kind of diagram.

Now, I don't actually use graph paper or a protractor very often when I'm on holiday, but I still like to carry them... just in case. I find it strangely comforting. Is that weird?

Having said that, I also make sure I have a C compiler on my tablet these days, which is actually quite likely to see gentle use during a holiday. That probably is weird, but I'm happy to accept that.

For example, during this holiday I wrote some C helper functions to make it easier to allocate resizable blocks of memory. Basic boilerplate stuff, but I enjoy tinkering with things like that...