Sending small text files to your PDP-11

These days I'm always experimenting with little bits of code, mostly stuff that I've tried in SIMH and then want to run on the real machine.  Kermit works great for multiple file transfers, but sometimes it's just nice to send a simple source file over the console without having to run special software on each side.

So ... I've written this Paste program in C.

You just type 'paste' on the PDP-11, and when prompted for an argument type in the destination filename.  Then you send your text over the console (in Tera Term Pro you can easily send a text file over the console).  To close the file, just send two blank lines, you can press enter twice if the file doesn't finish with blank lines.

For me, this works a treat, so nowadays I'm using it in both SIMH and on real hardware...