microPDP-11/53 - inventory

For reference, here are all the parts that I have managed to scrounge together for my microPDP-11/53.  These parts were bought from a single seller found on eBay:

- microPDP outer case
- BA23 mounting box
- M7554 KDJ11-D/S CPU Card with onboard RAM
- PDP-11/53 backplane
- 2x power supply units for the BA23 (H7864-A)
- PDP-11/53 Front Display Panel
- M3107 8 Line Async Comms Card
- M3104 DHV11 8 Line Async Quad Card
- PDP-11/53 Console Panel (accepts MMJ cables)

Following that, I also managed to buy these from an IT parts supplier:

- Reconditioned power supply unit for the BA23 (H7864-A)
- Refurbished RQDX3 disk controller card
- Refurbished RX33-A floppy disk drive (1.2Mb)
- New MMJ socket to DB9 female serial adaptor H8571-J
- 2x 6 foot MMJ cables BC16E-6H