Updated LED Message Board Driver

In the past few months several people have contacted me to ask if I could update my LED USB Message Board driver so that it works on 64 bit machines, especially Windows 7. So I have finally gotten round to that.

It actually took me longer to find the source code than to fix it for 64 bit machines :-) It was one of those seemingly counter-intuitive problems. I had to tell Visual Studio to target x86 machines when compiling to make it work on 64 bit computers. This is because the USB code that I'm using is 32 bit only, so changing the compiliation to target x86 means that a 64 bit machine will know to run the code in 32-bit mode. Easy when you know how.

It might mean this driver has a limited shelf life, I'm probably not going to re-write a specific 64 bit version. So if Microsoft stop allowing 64 bit machines to run 32 bit code then the driver will stop working. But for now it works. It even means that I can use my own LED display again, since I've been running Windows 7 64 bit for ages...

My LED driver page is here.