DALIS on the Kindle

I'm pleased to report that over the holidays I was able to find a shop that had a wi-fi enabled Kindle on display for customers to play with.

So of course I couldn't resist pointing it at my DALIS proof of concept... and I found that it worked perfectly! So that's one more platform experimented upon. But I didn't have the courage to take a photo, so you'll just have to trust me on that...

It means that the experimental cloud-based programming language has now been tried out on iPad, iPhone, PlayStation Portable, Kindle and various Windows browsers including IE, Firefox, Chrome and Safari. DALIS has worked on them all. There was just one caveat with Safari, where it didn't seem to handle user input very well, I need to look into that.

Encouraged by that success I'm now in the middle of implementing function calls which will be a big improvement to the language syntax and should allow much better programs.