Getting GPIO input with libpigpio

I promised that I'd report back when I had gotten round to testing the input capability of libpigpio. Well I now have something to report, here goes:

I've written a small test program in C to check that it works OK (and added the necessary electronics). When I press a button (which is connected to the GPIO) then the LED comes on. This is all done through software. As you can see from the picture above, it works fine. I also have the same program outputting the GPIO input values to the console, like this:

So now that I have tested it in C, I can also try the same thing in C# with mono, but it should work fine.

DALIS User Input

As I have mentioned before, I have been adding User Input to my new programming language, codenamed DALIS.  Because the language is designed to work in a request / response environment I wanted the language to reflect that without getting over complicated.  So this is what I have got at the moment:

WRITE "Welcome to another DALIS program."+RETURN
ASK "Type your name and press ENTER: "
name = ANSWER
IF name="Dave"
   WRITE RETURN+"Good morning Dave."
   WRITE RETURN+"Hello "+name+"."

The ASK ... ANSWER syntax looks pretty straightforward to me.  If I run this program, this is what happens:

Starting the program

Then I put in a name:

Entering a name

Finally, this is the end result:

The result

It seems to work fine.  Simple code which even runs on my phone.  I also have a plan to enable forms, so that you can submit several values at once.  That is for another day though...