Raspberry Pi gone mobile

I'm writing this blog entry using my new Raspberry Pi, it's the second one I've bought. Not much unusual about that, but I'm doing it in Costa Coffee in Cambridge:

It's good that you can get your hands on a Raspberry Pi much easier now. I ordered this one on Friday night, and it arrived Tuesday morning. So that's less than 2 working days, which is much better. I got this one from Cool Components and I got the red ModMyPi case from the same place too. So because I had a Raspberry Pi in a case, I decided to go out on the road with it, well why not?

To get power to the Pi I'm using an emergency phone charger, mine is a TeckNet iEP380 which I bought from Amazon. It's rated at 5000mAh and seems to power the Raspberry Pi very well (although I've got nothing connected to the USB ports of the Pi). It might struggle if I connected any devices but I'm using the Pi 'headless' with just an ethernet cable to connect to my laptop.

So... now I can sit here in Costa Coffee, sipping my Cortado whilst working on my Raspberry Pi. Excellent, it's a good way to spend an hour or so in the morning.

MicroPDP-11 installed inside the case

It was a rainy Sunday afternoon, so I decided to have a tidy up in my office/workshop/third bedroom. What actually happened was that I saw the grotty looking dusty case for my PDP-11 and decided to clean it (it was in pretty bad shape since I bought it). Having cleaned it I then decided to put the machine inside the actual case. So now the office looks just the same, except the PDP-11 looks much better. Some progress I suppose. Here are some photos of the end result:

In the case, image #1

In the case, image #2

Isn't she beautiful? During this process I have learned:

- the machine is much heavier than I remember
- I really need to find a front cover to finish it off
- the word "PDP-11" in english is apparently feminine

Now it's in one piece, I have even fired the machine up and can report that it still runs fine.  Phew!  I didn't break it.