Islay Woolen Mill

During our recent holiday to Islay we visited the Islay Woolen Mill. In fact we visited it twice, so it must have been good. Not only is it cool to see the old machines working away, but Mr Covell will probably tell you a few stories if you start chatting to him.

You may also end up spending some money though. Vicky and I came out looking like this:

As you can see, I bought a hat, scarf and waistcoat. I also picked out some fabric and am having a second waistcoat made just for me. This is what happens when you get over enthusiastic about things being made the old fashioned way I suppose...

I was quite amazed that they managed to keep the oily bits of the old machines away from the bits where the fabric was being made - you really don't want oil stains on your tartan.

Anyway, it was one of those things that I enjoyed much more than I expected. So if you go to Islay, check it out.

I also enjoyed listening to Mr Covell's interest in newer technology, he was telling me that as a textile manufacturer the humble spreadsheet was one of the most wonderful inventions ever.