Windows Remote Management

Windows Command Shell

For a long time now, the software that I have been writing in my day job has been made up of a set of services running on multiple servers.  So when you want to do a full deploy you normally end up using Remote Desktop to log into various boxes and run your install routines.  This can quickly get tedious.  So recently I have been experimenting with Windows Remote Management to make this easier.  Essentially there are two parts: WinRM works on the server side and needs to be configured for each of the boxes you’re deploying to.  It is not very hard to set up.  On the client side you use WinRS (Remote Shell) which allows you to run commands on the remote machines.  To get some more details about it, look here.

This has made multiple-server deployments considerably easier.  I now have a single batch file that connects to all the various servers and runs the necessary install routines on each box.  So now I just run a batch file, sit back and relax...