Lubuntu 13.10 on Toshiba

My old Toshiba Satellite T130 laptop has been pretty much abandoned since I've switched to a MacBook Pro. But it's a shame to have an unused piece of kit. So I decided to use the Toshiba T130 for messing about with different Linux distros. As a test I tried to install Debian 7, but it looked like it was going to be a real pain to get the built in wifi adapter to work, so I gave up.

Then I tried Lubuntu 13.10, which worked a treat. All the hardware seems to have good driver support (even the built in Bluetooth). If anything, the driver support is better than Windows 7 or 8. So installation was very simple and painless.

So I'm very impressed. The machine is nice and responsive and everything is easy to find in the user interface. It's almost like having a new laptop (well OK, you'd have a hard job getting me to part with my MacBook actually).

Since then, I've even tried installing Lubuntu on my Acer Iconia Tab W500. The result is that the machine works fine as a laptop, but you couldn't really use it as a tablet (not without a lot of configuring anyway). Umm, experimenting with Linux distros on one laptop has led to me wiping another; you need to be careful with these types of experiment I guess...

But ... if you have an old machine sitting around doing nothing, and you want to get some more use out of it (without costing any money) then installing Lubuntu might be a good thing to try.