Das boot

So the next step with my PDP-11 was to try and boot an OS.  A friend of mine (the kind of bloke who keeps old machines with 5.25" floppy drives) was kind enough to volunteer and make a boot disk.  We used the excellent PUTR utility to make the disk on a PC.  The disk image came from here, we used the RT-11 boot disk.  I will post the PUTR instructions another time.  The first disk we made attempted to boot up, there was a lot of disk activity... but after a few minutes I got the message: "?BOOT-U-I/O error".  We wondered if this was just a bad disk.  Fortunately, we made another disk and tried again...  This time it booted straight into RT-11.  This was the result:

RT11 screenshot

How cool is that?  Some sort of celebration must be in order, consumption of beer seems appropriate for that.