Kermit on the PDP-11

After a bit of a struggle I have gotten Kermit to happily transfer files between Windows 7 and my PDP-11.  On Windows, I'm using Kermit-95.  Currently, I use the Console version rather than the GUI one, it seems more in keeping with my PDP.

On the PDP-11, I've installed the latest version of Kermit-11, which I got from here. There are several flavours of Kermit-11, I'm using KRTTSX.SAV (Kermit-11 3.63 for RT-11XB/XM/ZB/ZM and TSX+).

I think that one of my problems was the Line Time Clock.  I thought that I had the LTC switched on, but I may have gotten the DIP switch the wrong way round.  Since I flipped the LTC DIP switch the other way round things have started to work.

This is what I'm entering on the PC to make it work:

set port com2
set line com2
set speed 9600
set flow xon/xoff
set carrier-watch off
set attributes off

...and here are the Kermit commands I'm entering on the PDP, once Kermit-11 is running:

set file bin
set line tt:
set attributes off

After that, I can use the GET and SEND commands on the PC to transfer files.