Gold Rush

I've become hooked on the TV series Gold Rush which comes out on the Discovery Channel.

In fact, I seem to watch a lot on the Discovery Channel these days. I blame Mythbusters. They started it.

But I suppose that any program involving a load of big digging machines combined with the thought of being able to extract gold from under your feet is bound to come out pretty good...

Having said that, I do find myself shouting "you're an idiot" at the TV quite a bit. So it's probably one of those things where you'd like to think that you could do better yourself. In reality, I'd probably not last five minutes if you sent me to Alaska and told me to try and do what they're doing.

I think that part of the appeal is the often makeshift way they go about fixing things or solving problems. It's all very man-with-beard-in-his-shed type stuff, and I think we could do with more crazy men with beards building things in their sheds. I'd like to be one myself - but I'm more of a man-with-stubble-working-in-the-spare-room. But I'm doing the best I can, okay.