OpenWrt Linux on a TP-Link WR740N router

Recently, I have been watching this crowdfunded coin-sized Linux machine with some interest. I also noticed that it runs OpenWrt... which is a version of Linux that's designed to run on routers. So I thought that it would be worth some further investigation. I tried to find the easiest way of running OpenWrt at home, and ended up paying £30 for one of these TP-Link TL-WR740N machines (I bought mine at my local branch of Maplin).

It’s not bad actually, for the money you get the power adaptor and even an ethernet cable included – so you're ready to go. This router will accept the OpenWrt firmware straight from its web interface, so you just fetch the correct bin file from here and upload it to the router in the normal way. Personally I’m using this firmware and my device is a v4.27.

After the firmware has flashed and the router has rebooted you can telnet in and access OpenWrt for the first time. It was very simple indeed. For detailed information look here. Basically I’ve followed the "OEM easy installation". It doesn’t get much easier.

Of course, I want to write C programs for it now, so I’ll be setting up a cross-compiler. I think I’m going to use this page as a guide because it looks like one of the best sets of instructions out there.

So maybe I’ll end up fiddling with one of those VoCore coin sized computers eventually... It looks very tempting.