Fez Panda Weather Forecaster

For some reason, I've been making a weather forecasting device by connecting up a Fez Panda II, a Fez Connect Shield and a Fez Touch. So far I have it connecting to my network (using a static ip address) finding the current time (by talking to an NTP server) and then getting the weather forecast from the google api.

It's pretty nifty to be able to get the weather forecast with a simple http request like this:


I've even gotten the weather icons and popped them onto a microSD card, so when I render the forecast it looks pretty. This is a photo of what I have working so far:


All the code is in C# (.Net Micro Framework) and all the networking is done using plain old Sockets. So when I'm talking to the google api I'm creating a TCP socket and sending the GET request the old fashioned way. All good fun.

I'm actually thinking about building a network of oBIX compliant sensor devices and making this weather forecaster device double up as the central hub... what madness.