PDP-11/53: Hello World

So, I managed to find a proper "Hello World" program for my PDP-11 on the internet. It can be typed into ODT without too much effort. This is what happened when I typed it into my machine:

1000/XXXXXX 042510
1002/XXXXXX 046114
1004/XXXXXX 020117
1006/XXXXXX 047527
1010/XXXXXX 046122
1012/XXXXXX 020504
1014/XXXXXX 005015
1016/XXXXXX 000000
1020/XXXXXX 012701
1022/XXXXXX 001000
1024/XXXXXX 112100
1026/XXXXXX 001406
1030/XXXXXX 105737
1032/XXXXXX 177564
1034/XXXXXX 100375
1036/XXXXXX 110037
1040/XXXXXX 177566
1042/XXXXXX 000770
1044/XXXXXX 000000


As you can see, I'm using this to disable interrupts and start it:


It's a useful little test. I now know that my machine is capable of running programs, which is good.

So my next step is to try an RT11 boot disk so that I can attempt to run an operating system.  The ultimate goal is to run Unix rather than RT11, but you've got to start somewhere...