A simple DALIS server

A while back I wrote a simple web server and said that I could turn it into a DALIS server that would run outside of IIS. Well that's exactly what I did, take a look at this YouTube clip I've made:

In this clip I'm showing two instances of the same program running (one in IE the other in Chrome). Each program shows a kindof bouncing ball thingy in ASCII Art. This is not the kind of thing that I designed DALIS to do of course, but who cares. In the background you can see the DALIS server runnng as a console app. I've made it so that each thread servicing a web request shows up like a blinking light. This means you can see it is working - and you can tell that I still like blinking LEDs on things. Ahh, do you remember the days when you used to see blinky LEDs on the front of your modem? Good times, eh?

So anyway... whilst I have not said much about the DALIS progaming language recently, development has continued on background threads :-) I have added a few more features to the language. I have also tried to think of a better name for it, but DALIS has kinda stuck now. One day I might have the guts to tell everyone what DALIS stands for, or maybe not.