Sinclair nostalgia

A while back, in a fit of 1980s nostalgia, I realised that my place of work is within walking distance of the old Sinclair building in Cambridge. So I decided to walk over there at lunchtime and see if I could still find it. This is how the building looked back in the 80s:

...which is a single frame taken from this YouTube clip, which gives a glimpse of the inside too:

Anyway, this is what I found when I walked over there recently:

I was quite pleased that there was still a small street sign bearing the name "Sinclair" at the entrance. The building looks like it's part of Anglia Ruskin University nowadays.

It's a shame that the big Sinclair logo was taken down. But the building is clearly recognisable, which is pretty cool.

Some nice autumn mornings in Cambridge

It has been a beautiful autumn - my favorite time of the year. Yes, we've had a few storms too, but we've also had some absolutely fantastic days where the sky has been clear and blue.

Recently, I've been starting early in the mornings, so when I've walked through the streets of Cambridge in the early morning sunshine I've snapped some pictures on my phone.

The picture quality isn't great (I have an iPhone 3GS which is quite old now), but hopefully you'll get an idea of the sights I have been enjoying.

Here is a view along the river Cam ... looking along the backs:

Here's Kings College, looking nice in the early morning sunshine:

And this is the Senate House, which is also near Kings:'s certainly no hardship to walk around these streets, even if it is before 8am. In fact, it might be the best time of day to experience it.

Rubbish music in Cambridge

Back in the summer, on a Saturday in Cambridge I saw this busker playing guitar and singing whilst *inside* a litter bin. It was very entertaining, it really made me laugh:

... it was made better somehow because he was playing songs from Jungle Book.