New Raspberry Pi 2

So, I ordered a new Raspberry Pi 2 as soon as they were launched last week. When it arrived, I couldn't resist documenting the occasion:

Last weekend I booted it up and started having a play. It seems quite an impressive little computer.

But since I had never bothered to order a B+ model I've only been using the 'original' Raspberry Pi until now, and I had forgotten that I need a microSD card these days. But I did have one lying around, so that was OK. I used a cheap HDMI to VGA adapter to use an older monitor.

The other thing I noticed was that I needed a better power supply. In the past I was using a kindle charger... but I needed to borrow the charger from my hudl tablet to get 5v at 2A. Otherwise, there was a little rainbow square showing at the top right of the screen to indicate that the device wasn't getting enough power. So watch out for that.

By the time I had finished messing around, my workbench looked like this:

1980s Synth Music

I recently watched a BBC programme called “Synth Britannia” … after which I ended up adding a bunch of extra stuff to my Spotify collection. When I was going through the OMD back catalogue on Spotify, I noticed the album cover artwork for their “Dazzle Ships” LP from 1983. And I was pretty sure that I had actually bought that album back in the 1980s. So I had a dig around the house and actually found it. So rather than put it back into storage, I’ve put it on my wall for a bit:

Apparently, I bought the 1987 reissue, which makes sense because I would have been too young in 1983. It’s also interesting, because people say that nobody bought the album when it originally came out anyway. There’s also a wikipedia article, if you’re interested.

A couple of little Chromecast tricks

A neat trick I've been using with a Chromecast is to wirelessly play movies from my iTunes library from my MacBook onto my big TV. All you need to do is enter the following URL into google Chome: file:///users/[username]/Music/iTunes/iTunes%20Media/ (obviously substituting your username where indicated). You'll then be able to browse your iTunes stuff and play what you want inside Chrome ... which makes it easy to watch it on the Chromecast using the normal Chrome plugin.

If you've seen a Chromecast, you've probably noticed that there are some nice background photos to look at. But I've also discovered that you don't *need* a Chromecast to see them. Try pointing your browser to: and you'll be able to see them on any device...