La Palma Rain and Sunshine

I've never got sunburn in the rain before, but they say there is a first time for everything:

Sun and rain in La Palma

It really is raining AND sunny

No really, rain and sun at the same time

All these photos were taken a few minutes apart.  It really was brilliant sunshine *and* rain at the same time.  We didn't get much rain during our holiday, but this was cool.

More La Palma

Here's some more stuff about our recent holiday in La Palma (which is one of the smaller Canary Islands).  To give you an idea what the island is like, here's a photo I took in the main town, Santa Cruz:

Santa Cruz, La Palma you're supposed to look at the view, not the Donut truck. Anyway, during the holiday my wife and I were briefly entertained by two children staying in our hotel, who we nicknamed 'Horrible Henry' and 'Billy the Ice Cream Kid'.

Horrible Henry
Henry was apparently not happy with the choice of breakfast food in the Hotel. Although that did not seem unusual amongst the children; we heard another boy refuse to try the sausages because 'they don't look like my usual brand' - seriously, I kid you not. Still, Henry's mother hatched a plan: she went off and piled a plate full of wonderful things and popped it in front of him. Nice try lady. We then watched Henry systematically push each item off onto another plate, whilst saying out loud: 'that's horrible ... and that's horrible and that's horrible...'. This was made funnier to us, since he wasn't bothering to taste any of it. Maybe none of the items were his usual brands either.

Billy the Ice Cream Kid
Billy seemed to be trying to spend his holiday by only eating ice cream. No matter what his parents offered him, which included many of his supposed favourites (like chips and lasagne apparently), Billy would just stand at the ice cream counter refusing to budge, until his parents caved and gave him some scoops. We applaud this level of experimentation in a young child. It makes us wonder what effect a week of eating nothing but ice cream does have on your digestive system.  We didn't hang around to find out though.

For the record, the food (including breakfast) was excellent.

Warning Sign

During our recent holiday this warning sign made us laugh, we were thinking "men wearing speedos may be attacked by a squid", or something:

squid attack?

...of course the real meaning is not quite so funny, it just says "Danger Jellyfish":

Danger Jellyfish

We liked our own version better.